About Us

We are a UK based gifts company - making it easy for our customers to express their feelings through our products and services. We are a new start-up, though we have years of experience in this field. We started our services in the Indian sub-continent. We have plans to expand slowly and steadily to cover other areas. 

QUALITY is our focus, not QUANTITY. Hence, we started small and are doing limited business. We carefully choose our suppliers and constantly monitor the quality. 

CLEAR PRICING: No hidden charges other than what you see on the product. No shipping charges (other than mid-night special delivery, or if the order value is very low). UK Customers will NOT see any bank transaction charges or exchange charges as you pay in GBP. We plan to include other currencies soon. 

We welcome any new ideas, products, services from our customers. If you feel we can do more, please feel free to drop a note. We will try our best to include. Even otherwise, please feel free to tell us how we are doing. 

Our Contacts...

We are reachable on

  • Email: info@shipagift.in
  • Mobile: +44-7792827384